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Passion for our work

A remanufactured component must not only look new: it must pass rigorous quality tests at every stage of the process. The final test is passed only if the product can perform the same identical functions as the original component, and offer the same guarantees. Everything as before. Or rather, better than before. remanufacturing is synonymous with saving: energy, environmental and economic.

Recent studies say that the potential energy savings of remanufacturing on a global scale are equivalent to the production of the electrical energy supplied by eight nuclear power plants. We call ourselves eco-friendly and we are very proud of this feeling of being green.

And it is with pride that we forcefully carry forward our idea of Circular Economics, integrating it into the company’s thinking. We strive to make the impact of our activities on the environment as sustainable as possible. According to the European Commission, in a circular economic system, the value of material goods is preserved for as long as possible. Waste is minimised, natural resources are maximised and when a product reaches the end of its life, it is used to create value. Environmental compatibility re-creates a shared social value that is the driving force behind our corporate policy.

Our work

Production line

We provide a complete service

Our production line is complete and takes in several stages including: initial disassembly, cleaning of components, thorough measurement and verification of functionality, final phase with precision controls and specific tests on the test bench, custom packaging and warehouse storage.

In this way, we are able to satisfy all requests coming from the market.


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It's how we make it different


It's how we make it different