Remanufactured engines

Our passion

Our company mainly remanufactures engines for motor vehicles, light trucks and commercial vehicles, making available highly qualified personnel and machinery of the latest generation.

The work process aims to remanufacture all components to restore them to their original functionality. At the end of the process, the remanufactured parts are equivalent to the new product. The production cycle begins with the disassembly of the exhausted engine: all recoverable parts are separated and destined to the relevant departments, where they are subjected to careful processing and must pass strict controls. In the subsequent assembly stage our technicians, combining remanufactured parts and new spare parts, give new life to the engine in line with the manufacturers’ protocols.

Each remanufactured engine then undergoes the spinning test to make sure it is working perfectly. Once the test has been passed, the engine is coded, packaged and stored in a warehouse ready to be delivered.

Ro.mec numbers

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It's how we make it different


It's how we make it different