Remanufacturing is a business

The company

We give new life to engines.

Quality is a job for everybody. With this phrase now written on the walls of our factory premises, we are able to communicate perfectly with our customers and leave our mark. Remanufacturing pays constant attention to the environment, adopts severe, precision cost containment, and provides quick, effective responses to the needs and expectations of the customer.

For over 40 years Ro.mec has been operating in the automotive sector, investing constantly in development programmes and implementing a continuous global quality policy taking in all sectors, from management to production

For over 40 years in the world of remanufacturing

Our story

A passion that has always moved us

Set up in 1972 as specialists in mechanical processing, in the 1980s the company expanded its activities into the sector of equipment for the FCA Group's workshops and, thanks to its strong propensity for development, it became a leader in the remanufacturing sector at the beginning of the new millennium.

We have no secrets: we have been telling our story for over 40 years and we feel strong professionally. Thanks to the passion that has always guided us, unwavering over the years, we guarantee our customers the very highest level of satisfaction.

Everything is designed with the utmost attention to every detail and the ambition to aim for absolute quality, ensuring the emotion of the original: only in this way can you become a benchmark in the world of remanufacturing.

Because we do it this way

Vision & mission

The importance of remanufacturing in a few lines

Remanufacturing is a business: it requires professionalism and dedication. Being reliable is our guarantee. In this field nothing can be left to chance and Ro.mec represents a consolidated reality in the panorama of remanufacturing.

Our strengths are manifold: the ability to invest, do research and adopt the most advanced technologies, the constant technical and professional training of our personnel and a new way of thinking about the economy.

We make the most of reusable resources: we apply the Circular Economy by favouring the replacement of raw materials never used with raw materials from recycled chains that preserve their quality.

Ro.mec numbers

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Where are we

Our headquarters

The place where everything is born

Our production and administrative headquarters are in Robassomero (TO).

In this same area are located two Ro.mec production plants which occupy a total area of 20,000 square metres.

Here all activities are constantly monitored, qualified and certified according to international quality standards.

It's how we make it different


It's how we make it different